9th Level Music Promotion

9th Level is part of a Large Network of Alternative and Underground Websites of which many feature Indie Music Reviews and Playlists. Most of our top sites have Apps and music is part of the Apps and we even have a Music App from our main Music Site in our Network that feeds most of the other sites.

Our large network of sites are very aged with some going back to the early days of the commercial Internet over 20 years and all of them have well aged social media accounts and we have MAJOR KLOUT in Social Media.

If we get involved in Promoting any song it goes to the top of Social Media and usually ends up making Charts.

We can drive traffic to any Band or Artist songs that we choose to work with. We do not work with every artist interested in our promotional skills, since we have to LIKE the music we work with.

Contact Us for Details about our Great Music Promotion programs that include getting our Artists Music Reviewed and heard.